The Reason Why You Can “Never Make Enough Money”

By Carrie Sullivan

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Why does it seem like no matter how much money you make you can never seem to get ahead?  I used to get frustrated about my money situation and thought I would never be able to achieve financial independence. 

Those feelings and thoughts came from my own limiting beliefs.

I blamed everyone for my financial situation:

  • My boss for not paying me enough
  • My parents for not teaching me how to manage my money
  • The banks and marketers for “luring” me into their web
  • Society for defining the “norm” and alienating us if we didn’t go along with a certain way of thinking
  • My friends for peer-pressuring me into going out with them, shopping or feeling like I had to “keep up with the Jones”

Sound familiar?  

Have you ever:

  • Gotten a raise.
  • Received a bonus.
  • Reached the point where you no longer have to pay for daycare.
  • Received a big tax return.
  • Finally paid off a vehicle.

If any of these things have ever happened to you, what did you do with the extra money?   

Did you…

  • blow it on material things that you no longer use (or even want)?  
  • go on vacation?  
  • spend more than normal at Christmas time?  
  • pay for a bill?  
  • start, or add to, a savings account?  
  • pay down debt?

When you really stop and think about who you blame for your financial well-being or what your financial habits actually look like, it can be eye-opening.  I was shocked when I began to take a real hard, honest look at my financial habits.  

For the first time, I realized the only one sabotaging my financial well-being was me.

There was NO magic wand or easy button that was going to make me rich or financially free and nobody had a more vested interest in my financial well-being than ME!  

I had the POWER to become financially independent, no matter how much I made, by being responsible and honest with myself, taking accountability for my actions, and choosing to think differently.

Slowly ridding myself of the limiting money beliefs I was telling myself and slowly working on changing my money mindset to more abundant beliefs.  

I did this by taking baby steps, starting with just three simple and doable steps:  

1. I really started evaluating my values and beliefs and writing them down in order of importance.  

2. Next, I reviewed my last few bank statements and started writing down where I was actually spending my money by segmenting them into five to six categories.  

3.  I took my monthly income, subtracted any fixed, monthly bills or debt payments due, and evaluated what I did with any additional money.  This helped me get a better understanding of whether my financial habits were actually aligned with my values and beliefs.  

Once I had a clear, honest picture of my financial snapshot and habits I started taking a deep dive into my hopes, dreams, vision, and goals to motivate and inspire me to achieve financial freedom.

What do you tell yourself about money?  Are limiting money beliefs blocking you from achieving financial independence? 

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About Carrie:

Family Money Mindset Coach with love and passion for family values and life-long learning.

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